Publishing Your Own Book

Have you wondered how to go about publishing your own book? There are many companies that offer book publishing on demand, and thus can help you achieve your goal.

Morris Publishing says they specialize in short-run book printing for self-published authors, and have printed thousands of books for individuals, businesses, and small publishers.

Want to know how to publish poetry? Many on-demand printers are listed on this page.

They will guide you through choosing a binding style, preparing interior pages, designing a cover, and reviewing your proof. They say you can submit your book online, and they can help you get an ISBN number assigned, along with a barcode.

Lulu offers print on demand publishing, and also has a marketplace where you can set your own price, create a storefront and sell your book.

Instant Publisher describes a variety of binding styles, including "case bound" which is hardback binding, and "perfect binding" which is a softcover similar to paperback novel binding. Other binding styles are also available, such as simple 3-ring, wires, and plastic combs.

Online companies such as these are not the same as old-style vanity presses, which required you to pay up front for the printing of a full run of volumes. Today's vendors are able to print books as they are needed, enabling you to "pay as you go." But the best thing about today's online presses is that no one will refuse to publish your work. Gather your recipes into a cookbook, or your photos into an annotated scrapbook -- words are not the only content that can appear in the pages.

Publishing your book can be easy! Get poetry published, or that novel you've worked on for so long. Or publish your non-fiction work. The advent of book publishing on demand has changed the world for writers everywhere.