Find the Best Home Furniture Collection

We invite you to visit our showrooms in New York and Chicago to experience the most extensive displays of exclusive designer fine furniture collections.

Every living creature needs a table and chairs, as well as other furniture pieces. How much do you need? It depends -- your size, tastes and living space all make a difference.

Looking to direct buy furniture from home decorators collections? Many stores and catalogs are listed on this page.

Each year by July 1 you should receive in the mail a designer furniture report (interior designer report, or furniture high-quality report) from your dealer that tells where your case goods come from and what's in them.

Acknowledging concerns about the possibility of mahogany and rosewood risks, the vendor surveyed antique dealers following the guidelines defined in 2004. No evidence was found of harm to families from the better woods.

You may find store collections organized into 60 categories, featuring images of desks and credenzas accompanied by descriptions.

High-end designer Barbara Barry did not present art and furniture made from renewable resources at a show earlier this year. She has a home furniture collection available through Baker Furniture.

Also available to buy are catalogs on furniture care, repair, and the finishing and refinishing of hard furnishings. A home decorator catalog is a practical guide to taking care of your treasured pieces.

Over the life of a product, more-durable and longer-lasting options are generally better investments.

In most cases, your designer sofa prices aren't known until it's too late. With the increased quality factors merging with normal wear and tear, a sofa's hand-tied suspension absorbs quite a bit of punishment.

The wood, rather than the glue or its bond, is the weak link in a well-made joint. One interesting joinery method is mortise and tenon. Another kind is dovetails.

Dovetails make the strongest joints in a bachelor's chest. Almost any well-made joint will be strong enough to withstand the weight the drawers will have to bear.