Hire a Charter Jet Service

A charter jet service can you provide you with the flexibility to fly when and where you want, and also offers a level of privacy that cannot be found when flying commercial airlines.

Executive Charter Services, a company whose motto is "Private Jet Travel Made Simple," describes the convenience of flying to and from the airports closest to your departure and destination, as well as the pleasure of avoiding the commercial flight hassles of transfers, overbooking, long lines, baggage fees, and lack of privacy.

Looking for a company that offers private jet charters? Many companies are listed on this page.

Aero Jet Services, with 13 years of experience operating their fleet of luxury aircraft, stresses their rigorous standards of safety, their attention to detail, and their willingness to handle even the most extravagant requests from their clients.

Some companies that offer private jet rental can rent helicopters, too.

Fractional ownership is another way of securing private jet services, and in practice resembles private charter. Jetworks International says that fractional jet ownership programs, a recent trend in private aviation, have become a success because they attract customers who desire the luxury and convenience of private aviation, without the expense of purchasing, staffing and maintaining their own aircraft. A fractional owner pays a fraction of the costs, in exchange for being allocated a fractional number of flight hours.

Companies that offer charter services say that private jet charter is a more cost-effective way of securing private travel, because it lacks the obligation of making contract payments. Blue Star Jets, which says it is the largest broker of private jets for hire, explains that there is a major cost savings in paying only for trips taken.

They list these aircraft currently available to their clients: Astra, Beech Jet, Boeing, Bombardier, Challenger, Citation, Dassault Falcon, Gulfstream, Hawker, King Air, Learjet, Raytheon, and Westwind.